We are so glad your here, see what we stand for and what we are all about at Les Poids.


Mission Statement:

Our mission at Les Poids is to bring exclusivity, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle to the people by luxurious, premium, and minimalist design activewear. We strive to offer you a unique fashion experience by making you part of an unparalleled community. Les Poids is committed to the highest quality of activewear clothes delivered with honesty, authenticity, and transparency.



Vision Statement: 

Our vision is a world where we are considered the top priority and the leading premium brand of simple yet most trendy activewear and fitness apparel.

We envision developing the fittest, healthy, and unmatched community.


Our Values: 

  • Superior performance – Connecting with our customers by being the best in our field
  • Exclusivity – Our brand has a clear association with exclusiveness. We ensure to offer the most premium clothes to make our customers feel individual with a unique experience of having an unmatched product.  
  • Innovation – Connecting with our customers with new ideas and visions.
  • Responsibility – Connecting with our customers on a platform of social responsibility, giving back and doing good
  • Creative expression – .  Celebrating our customers uniqueness and individuality
  • Relevancy – We maintain relevancy by continually keeping a connection to our customers lives and lifestyle.